Myco-Balance soft Gel

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Premier tonic for strengthening immunity

Supports vitality and replenishes energy


Package: 500mg*30s

Suggested Usage: 2 softgels once, 3 times daily.



Main ingredients:

Flammulina velutipes / Cordyceps sinensis / Lentinula edodes / Astragalus membranaceus / Malphighia glabra



Myco-Balance is a balanced mixture of Chinese herbs and mushroom based on the deep wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Its main task is to support Zheng Qi. Zheng Qi means vitality, life force or strong immunity. The opposite of Zheng Qi is Xie   Qi. Those bad things, which are always trying to infiltrate our body…
Myco-Balance has two directions of action. Firstly, it encourages the creation of Qi and blood, for example, it strengthens our organism, replenishes both energy and mass, which it needs for its   proper functioning. Secondly, according to Chinese medicine, it significantly stimulates Wei Qi    (our defensive system), which is th en able to defend the organism better against external

invaders and cleans it from the invaders, who have already invaded.

According to Western studies, Myco-Balance boosts natural defences, the normal functions of

the circulatory system and maintains normal blood cholesterol levels . Thanks to the herbs used,

it’s a powerful adaptogen and therefore, it helps our body adapt to the environment

Benefits of MYCO-BALANCE:

* Contains antioxidants, which protect cells against damage.
* Supports immune system.
* Preventing colds and upper respiratory infection
* Anti aging properties
* Bone strength
* Fight inflammation
* Heart health.
* It maintains normal blood sugar level
*Can be used for reproductive problems because it promotes mobility of sperm.

*Supports vitality and replenishes energy

*It has Anti-Tumor Effects

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