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    De-Diafix supplement


    Product Highlights



    1* HAS BEEN TESTED AND PROVEN TO * fever , malaria and typhoid.
    *3* Diarrhoea and dysentery
    *4* Cough
    *5* It enhances fertility in both men and women
    *6* for treating headache , scabies.
    *7* Stomach ache
    *8* for treatment of stroke
    *9* pneumonia, tuberculosis, arthritis/romatism.
    *10* Jaundice,skin infection (like acne and ringworm).
    *11* Cancer,
    *12* It stimulate the production of breast milk in mothers
    *13* It assist women who encounters difficulty in childbearing (it help to propel the baby along the uterine and vaginal tract.
    *14* insomnia
    *15* treatment of Enlarged spleen
    *16* controls excessive urination
    *17* for treatment of wounds, measles,pile, *high blood pressure*
    *18* for the treatment of Nausea, constipation,it eases childbirth and reduces pain.
    *19* for the treatment of sore throat, intestinal worms ,dyspepsia.
    *20* It it also taken as a tonic to treat loss of appetite.
    *21* it stimulate the flow of bile, and regulate blood sugar
    *22* Promote the Detoxification action of the Liver.
    *23* It neutralise the intoxicating of alcohol and it’s harmful effects on the liver.
    *24* It cleanses the womb and treats abduminal pains after childbirth.
    *25* Reliefs cough , wheezing and asthmatic attacks.
    *26* It Has anticancer, antimicrobial, antioxidant effects.
    *27* Bacterial INFECTION,urinary tract infection,bladder disease.
    *28* Gastrointestinal disorder, inflammation, cardiovascular problems.
    *29* Rheumatism, severe pain, fatigue, breathing problems.
    *30* Immune booster , improve brain function.
    *31* lower heart disease risk, stroke,bad cholesterol.
    *32* Aids in digestion, stomach ulcer, gallbladder disorder,lungs infection, leprosy, menstrual problems.
    *33* itchy skin, headaches,skin information, depression, Alzheimer’s disease,worms, kidney problems,eye INFECTION.
    *34* inflammatory bowel disease.

    You can’t treat cancer, insomnia, infertility, arthritis, stroke, fever, typhoid, tuberculosis, pneumonia, skin infections without adding De-diafix because of *Vernonia amygdalina*

    You can’t treat enlarged spleen, measles, pile, high BP,constipation, diabetes, sore throat without De-diafix because of *Gnetum Africanum*

    De-diafix cleanses the womb and and treats abdominal pains after childbirth.
    De-diafix is excellent to neutralize the intoxicating properties of alcohol and its effect on the liver.
    DE-DIAFIX reliefs coughs, wheezing AND asthmatic attacks. all these is because of *Gongromena Latifolia*

    You can’t treat eye problem, menstrual problems,lung infection, headache, colds, skin inflammation, kidney problems, urinary bladder inflammation, fatigue without De-diafix because of *Curcuma longa( Tumeric)*

    You can’t treat urinary tract infections, bacterial infections,gastrointestinal disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular problems and removal of toxins without adding De-diafix because of *Cucurbita SPP*

    De-diafix is needed in all treatments.

    De-diafix is an antioxidant and is antimicrobial.


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