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Beurer MG 190 Shiatsu massage seat cover bonus package

Original price was: ₦162,000.00.Current price is: ₦152,000.00.
Timer function Easy operation with hand control Use on almost all chairs, sofas and other seating with adequate seat depth and backrest Removable and washable…

MG 160 Vibration seat cover with heat

Original price was: ₦140,000.00.Current price is: ₦135,000.00.
Vibrating massage seat by Beurer MG 160. Relax athome or in your car with the 12V adapter Beurer MG160 - Benefits: muscle ache treatment. Relieve: pains…

MG 300 – HD Body complete Shiatsu seat cover

A penetrating full-body massage is now possible at home. The automatic body-scan function provides customized relaxation with Shiatsu, swing and roll massage…

MG 260 HD 2-IN -1 Shiatsu seat cover

The Beurer MG260 Shiatsu neck and back Massage Seat Cover with heat function feature two rotating Shiatsu massage fingers and four Shiatsu massage heads that…

MG 206 Shiatsu seat cover

With the MG 206 Shiatsu seat cover you can experience a truly relaxing back massage in the comfort of your home. Featuring selectable massage areas and…

MG 148 Shiatsu massage belt

A Shiatsu massage at home! The massage belt with light and heat function features 4 massage heads. Relaxation has never been easier with the heads…

MG 100 Infrared percussion massager

For perfect application individually or as a pair! The double-head massager provides a relaxing tapping massage with optional infrared heat.…

MG 80 Infrared massager

Massage with a difference. The infrared massager provides special feel-good moments thanks to its two heads.…

MG 70 Infrared Massager

The infrared massager with its penetrating tapping massage helps you feel relaxed. The infrared heat can be selected separately. The device is versatile in its…

MG 21 Infrared message

The infrared massager provides a soothing and relaxing vibration massage. You can alter the massage according to your wishes thanks to the 3 interchangeable attachments.…

MG 16 Green and red Mini Massager

This little helper provides a soothing massage for any occasion. The mini massager fits in any handbag thanks to its compact design.…

FM 150 Vein trainer

The Beurer FM 150 Pro vein trainer improves venous blood circulation through air pressure massage of the thighs and lower legs. Alternating inflating and deflating…

FM 38 Shiatsu Foot massage

Wellness for the feet? optional infrared heat and a foot reflex zone massage relax stressed feet.…

beurer mg 40 infrared massager

Relax and enjoy a soothing vibration massage. The rotating massage head and 3-way adjustable handle make the massager with infrared heat easy to use.…
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