Modern Heating Pads

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UB 60 Electrical underblanket

Looks good and keeps you warm? the under a blanket with printed motif and 4 temperature settings provides top comfort for cozy warmth.…

TS19 Compact

The under a blanket with comfy fleece has 3 temperature settings and is breathable. Well-being made easy.…

MS 50 Mechanical Personal Scale

Classic design. The mechanical personal bathroom scale stands out due to its full view scale and non-slip surface.…

MS 01 Mechanical Scale

This scale is a true classic and is the perfect addition to any bathroom. The device features an easy-to-read, analogue weight display and non-slip surface.…

HK 55 Easyfix

The heat pad can be used for the stomach, back, and joints with its easy attachment. It can also be used rolled up as a…

HK 44-Heating pad in traditional hot water bottle design

Extra-soft and in stylish red? the heat pad with a traditional hot-water bottle design brings color into your home.…
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