Quantum Cold Spray Bottle

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Quantum implantation into cold-sprayed bottles turns macromolecular clusters into micromolecular clusters of water, making it easier for the body to absorb. When we spray the lotion or the skincare product with lower viscosity into the spray bottle of quantum energy, the water in the macromolecular cluster in the skin care product can be decomposed into the water in the micromolecular cluster by the quantum energy, so that the skin can absorb the nutrition in the skincare product to the maximum extent, so that the effect of skin care product can reach the extreme.

Implanted with quantum energy after the cold spray bottle, can be reused immediately.

Invisible energy, visible effect

  1. Spraying on the face can inhibit and alleviate the growth of skin surface spots when the facial skin can fully absorb the added moisture, wrinkles will also reduce naturally, with anti-aging effect.
  2. Spray in the mouth after eating, can suppress the smell of the mouth. The spray bottle is small and portable, perfect for carrying around.
  3. Spray on the body to moisturize the skin, especially in the dry winter, in the bath after spraying on the body, for the elimination of dry skin, skin protection, sun protection and crack have a very good effect.

4. Frequent use of computer eyes will appear dry eyes and other symptoms, spray bottles sprayed around the eyes, can alleviate eye fatigue, and for people who do not sleep well can improve dark circles, bags under the eyes

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