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    ET DC Blue Advanced Pico 3.2m Sectional Garage Door Motor Kit


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    Designed for residential sectional overhead and trackless tip-up garage doors of up to 10m2. Sleek, modern design, simple to program and fault find with 7 segment LED Display. DC Blue Advanced Pico Tip-Up And Sectional Garage Door Motor Kit includes 3.2m rail,  two 4 Button remotes and 24V 3.5Ah Battery.

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    • Input voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50Hz-60Hz
    • Electric motor supply: 24VDC. Not battery dependent
    • LED programming and fault display
    • LED courtesy light
    • Powerful motor
    • Safety beam input
    • Adjustable electronic limits and force control
    • Selectable automatic closing
    • Built-in ET-Blu Mix® enhanced rolling code receiver – Uncrackable, Unhackable
    • Audible diagnostics
    • Built-in receiver channels: 2CH (BT, Courtesy light). Holiday Lockout is with BT push and hold
    • Optional external status, light and lock control
    • Maximum duty cycle with mains present: 50 full cycles per 24h @ max rate of 5 per hour
    • Number of operations on battery reserve without AC present: 100 within 24 hours (From a fully charged and healthy 3.5Ah battery)
    • Maximum door size: 10m²
    • Applicable door types: Spring balanced, Sectional overhead and 1-piece tip-up doors
    • Maximum running distance: 3m
    • Maximum pulling force prior to safety governing: 600N
    • Rated running load: 25kgf
    • Rated speed: 8m/min
    • Built-in receiver frequency: 433.92MHz
    • Built-in receiver compatible formats: ET-Blu Mix © and ET Blue
    • Built-in receiver memory capacity: 35 button
    • Chain Kit

    How To Add a Remote Transmitter to a DC Blue Advanced Garage Door Operator



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