The Painful Truth About Diarrhea

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The Painful Truth About Diarrhea

Diarrhea disease is so devastating

Once upon a time this story is just one from millions of many other women who have lost their loved ones to the devastating power of Diarrhea

The story of this woman will make you cry her first child to die was her little boy, just five years old when he got sick. The following year, she lost a second child, this time her 18-month-old son. When her baby daughter fell ill two years later, she knew what was going to happen next and felt powerless to stop it.
She watched in despair as her third child succumbed to an illness that is both deadly and easily preventable.

Diarrhea is one of the top causes of death for children under five years old. The methods to prevent these deaths are surprisingly simple, affordable, and effective. But how do you reach parents with information and strategies to avert such tragic and needless losses?

At this point she knew that she was wrongly informed about the causes of diarrhea and the best ways to treat it. She didn’t know that after working on her farm, she should wash her hands before breastfeeding her child. She had never heard about AntiDiarr

What she knew came from other women in her community: diarrhea meant a child had been cursed. And the only way to cure it was to pay a native doctor to administer special herbs. When the child vomited, she was told it was a good sign—the curse was leaving the child’s body. In fact, the vomiting hastened death.
Her in-laws blamed her when the children died from Diarrhea.

Then she began hearing about new ways to manage diarrhea. She learned about BF SUMA AntiDiarr at a meeting that she attended, and she heard about the importance of purifying the family’s drinking water with the Pure Well Water Purifier and administer AntiDiarr Pills sponsored by Bf Suma. She met a Distributor, who taught her ways to improve the family’s hygiene and sanitation practices.

By the time she gave birth again, she knew exactly what to do to protect her newborn daughter.

Today, her daughter is a healthy 11-year-old. Her health knowledge and her standing connections in the community have made her a trusted information source for her neighbors.
Now she goes to her neighbors “and say: ‘You know me. I lost my kids because of this. Now I am informed.’” You need to be informed also that Bf Suma has the number one Magical pills to defeat diarrhea disease.

Methods: Adult: 3 times/day and 4 pills/time
Children from 11 to 15 years: 3 times/day, 3pills /time
Children from 5 to 10 years: 3 times/day 2 pills/time

Target user: People with dyspepsia or enterogastrits (Inflammation of the mucous membrane of both stomach and intestine); diarrhea, people feeling like

Throwing up ( Vomiting), abdominal distension, stomachache, dysentery, or toothache; algomenorrhea

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