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PO 60 Pulse oximeter (bluetooth)

The pulse oximeter measures your arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate. Your measured values can easily be transferred to the "beurer HealthManager" via Bluetooth® and…

ME 90 Mobile ECG Device (bluetooth)

You can record and monitor your heart rhythm easily at home or on the move with this mobile ECG device. The data can be transferred…

BM 95 blood pressure monitor (bluetooth)

One device - two functions. The blood pressure monitor also features an ECG stick, which not only allows you to measure blood pressure, but also…

BM 85 Upper blood pressure monitor (bluetooth)

Optimum blood pressure monitoring using the app and software - keep an eye on your values at any time and anywhere. The upper arm blood…

BM 77 bluetooth upper arm blood pressure monitor

State-of-the-art blood pressure measurement - the upper arm blood pressure monitor features Bluetooth® low energy technology, which ensures that measured values can be transferred easily…
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