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LR 300 Air cleaner

Feel good in your home! The air purifier filters domestic dust, animal hair, pollen and lots of other things in the air. It allows you…

LR 220 2-in-1 white or black Air washer

2 in 1 ? the air washer humidifies your ambient air by cold evaporation and also cleans it with air washing. Domestic dust, pollen, animal…

LR 200 Air cleaner

Healthy ambient air while sleeping? with the air purifier with night mode, you can ensure the right indoor environment in your home. Whether it's in…

LB 50 Air humidifier

Ensure an optimum indoor environment ? with the air humidifier with hygienic water evaporation, you can easily achieve the ideal values.…

LB 44 Air humidifier

The ultrasound humidification technology of the air humidifier ensures an optimum relative air humidity in your home.…
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