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EM 39 2 in 1 abdominal back and muscle belt

Abdominal and back muscle training is now even easier. The abdominal and back muscle belt accompanies training of the central abdominal muscles and the lower…

EM 29 2 in 1 knee and elbow tens

The TENS device is used for pain therapy for knees and elbows. The snuggly, ergonomic shape makes treatment pleasant.…

MG 260 HD 2-IN -1 Shiatsu seat cover

The Beurer MG260 Shiatsu neck and back Massage Seat Cover with heat function feature two rotating Shiatsu massage fingers and four Shiatsu massage heads that…

LR 220 2-in-1 white or black Air washer

2 in 1 ? the air washer humidifies your ambient air by cold evaporation and also cleans it with air washing. Domestic dust, pollen, animal…
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