Digestive Health

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BF Suma Veggie Veggie

Bio enzyme Detoxification Drink To shape your body To relive the gastrointestinal burden To improve metabolism To remove acne …

BF Suma Probio 3

Help to Inhibit Bad Bacteria in the Gut Help to clean the waste in the gut Help to promote intestinal peristalsis, remove toxins …

BF Suma Novel Depile Capusles

Discover Citrus Discover the Relief for HemorrholdAlleviate hemorrhoid without surgery relieves pain, burning sensation and itching reduce discomfort after having a bowel movement…

BF Suma Elements (Meal Replacement)

Super Meal Replacement! Balance the body Improves metabolism Helps the body in self- cleaning lowers the cholesterol levels Lose weight without effort Each sachet replaces…

BF Suma ConstiRelax Solution

See the Excellent Intestinal Cleaner Safe and natural formula Effective relief for constipation Eliminate toxins for health & beauty …

BF Suma AntiDiarr Pills

Magical pills for diarrhea AntiDiarr Pills provide anti-bacterial protection to the digestive system, relieve stomach pain, and effectively control acute diarrhoeal diseases. Formulated with Cortex Phellodendri…
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